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International digital marketing agency

We will help you quickly develop a quality data resource, business, or internet startup.

Development, hosting, website optimization

We create a new or improve your existing website. Premium design, high loading speed, optimization, compliance with modern requirements. With and without CMS.


Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Management

We competently manage business accounts in popular social networks, setting up ads and generating effective ideas. Attracting new customers, increasing sales and company awareness, interacting with the target audience.

Maintaining and promoting Google My Business

We make the unique company profile in Google Search and Google Maps, different from competitors. We help to attract the attention of the target audience. Communication with users, customer reviews, viewing statistics.

Setting up and optimizing targeted advertising

We conduct analytics of customer behavior to promote and attract target audience. We increase sales of goods/services, optimize advertising, test new tools for better results at lower costs.

Setting up and optimizing contextual advertising

We effectively set up and optimize advertising in search engines to show exactly to your target audience. We increase the number of sales, use modern tools to increase profits at minimal cost.

Audit, optimization and
seo-promotion of sites

We will provide advice on the seo-promotion of your project, draw up a plan and implement it. We use only white and not prohibited techniques, incl. copyright that showed good results.

Development of marketing kit, presentations, brochures

We develop information and presentation promotional materials for goods/services offer. We increase the awareness of the personal brand to increase sales and the trust of the target audience. We highlight a business or startup against the background of competitors.

Development, maintenance, promotion of e-commerce stores

We will create an online store, find and implement the right promotion strategy in search engines and social networks. Our effective development channels will increase sales of your product or service.

Integration of customized solutions for spam protection

Our proprietary method of protecting against SPAM does not require adding captcha or other elements that cause a panic attack in the user. The system includes hidden elements on the page and a handler.

Tracking system for copyright protection

Our tracking system detects and prevents website copying attempts. A timely response allows you to delete copies before negative consequences occur and preserve the uniqueness of your web resource.

Development, integration, maintenance of CRM systems

We will develop a sales funnel, set up analytical reports, integrate CRM with a website, telephony, mail, and other services. We will create universal widgets for simplicity and increase in sales.


Development of mobile and
web applications

Integrated development of unique mobile and web applications. We analyze competitors and the needs of the target audience. We develop projects, set up advertisements and bring them to the tops of the Play Market and App Store.


Development and
support of chatbots

We create and launch chatbots, help implement self-training, help write or improve existing scripts. We provide uninterrupted operation and service development.

Development and
maintenance of forums

We create, customize, optimize, design in accordance with your corporate identity, accompany forums on cms Xenforo. We will train your specialists in independent administration of the forum.


We translate into 50 languages, incl. texts for the cryptoindustry, legal, medical, technical, scientific, artistic, business documentation, documents, we provide announcer services.

Design and layout
of emails

We take into account the peculiarities of using a dark theme on devices. We will develop a design, make up letters cross-browser. We will carry out mailing without third-party services with control over the opening of letters.

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We deliver the wide variety of fresh ideas, professional solutions and effective strategies in the field of digital marketing. Create the best reputation for your business: a tasty candy should have a bright wrapper.
Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
Each project involves receiving confidential information from you and providing you with insider information. We will sign a non-disclosure agreement that will help protect the interests of both parties.
Main contract and annexes
At the beginning of the work, a Contract is signed with the main provisions on the procedure for cooperation. Each set of tasks is made in a separate application containing a list of works, implementation plan, cost and price.
Convenient interaction
We can start our cooperation immediately after receiving payment of the Invoice. The Invoice contains a description of the work, invoice, cooperation agreement and an act of work performed - all on 1 A4 sheet - the choice of regular clients!
Prepaid work
We work only on the basis of full or phased prepayment from 01/01/2020 in order to avoid possible cash gaps and the appearance of conflicts due to problems with payment.
Pay for action
Our specialists are available in part-time mode and are ready to solve your problems with payment for the time spent. Work control, statistics collection and reporting are performed using Hubstaff software.
Payment for the result
You can set a task with a payment subject to achieving certain indicators. The budget is increased taking into account the risks and the possibility of using different ways to achieve the goal in parallel.
24/7 service support
Our existing partners receive priority support, but even if you are not our client yet, you have 24/7 technical support and availability of specialists on general terms.
Free hosting
We offer to host the sites developed and maintained by our team on our hosting for free, if their characteristics fit. We are ready to transfer the site to your account at any time.