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Refund policy

Our company gives a guarantee of a refund for the purchased service if there is a warning to return the funds within at least 2 days before starting work on a project or a separate stage of work, a prototype, a design layout, layout work, advertising settings or any consulting services. Please note that non-refundable charges may be included in some services.

In the case of the start of work on the project and the presence of intermediate results of these works, the prepayment amount is not refundable, including in the absence of a signed contract for the provision of services and the performance of services based on an invoice that the Client paid, which confirms the conditions we voiced work. Payment for any services of the company in any way indicates that the Client is familiar with the terms of service, privacy policy, disclaimer, and return policy of the company.

When applying for the services of the company in any way - by sending a letter to the mail, making a request, making a call - the Client confirms that he is familiar with the above working rules, return policy, and disclaimer.

The term and conditions of the warranty period are determined for each service/program individually. You can check them with the manager when ordering the service. To request a refund, you must apply for the technical support mail The term for consideration of applications is 5-7 working days. All repayments in UKRAINE are made by transferring the amount of money to the VISA / MASTERCARD specified by the Client within 14 working days after the request. Refund methods in other countries (Western Union transfer, Swift transfer) are negotiated individually.

A full refund is possible only when the specialists have not yet started work; an incomplete refund is possible in the absence of intermediate results.